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Here are three tips to help ensure you have a great online course experience for all our course.

1. Time

Every course and every learner is unique, and there are a lot of variables that impact the amount of time and attention one might anticipate spending on a course like this. The convenience of taking a course at your leisure is one of the many strengths of online learning, with us. However, the best students identify specific times to take the course and make it a priority on their calendar. …

In this blog we will try to answer the question, “Why Python?”. Why every beginner is recommended to start with python? Why people use python for Data Science and Machine Learning? In fact, why do you see python everywhere in 2021?

To answer this question, we will have to first answer “What is Python?”. According to wikipedia,

Python is an interpreted, high-level and general-purpose programming language.

You will find many similar definition online. But for me,

Python is a high-level programming language which is also beginner friendly.

Being beginner friendly is the most important feature of Python. Here are all…

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In simple words, Debugging is the process of locating and removing bugs in your code. A professional software developer spends most of his/her time debugging existing code-base, oppose to writing new code. Hence, individuals ability to debug and write code are equally important, if not more.

In general, people are afraid of committing mistakes (in life). I don’t know much about life (too young to comment) but in software development: “Every error is an opportunity to learn if you approach it systematically”.

This (the fear of committing mistake) is an even serious concern when it comes to beginners. They are…

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Note: The blog is written as a complimentary material to the SQLite workshop, hosted by aiadventures.

This blog is a quick overview of SQLite. It’s a very light database. The complete database is just a single binary file. Unlike other databases, which uses complex directory structure & multiple files to store the database on the disk. Also, SQLite requires no complex setup. Its both open-source & cross-platform.

Because of its simplicity, I love working with it. But I am not writing this blog because of its simplicity. I am writing this blog, because it’s equally powerful.

Its a database, but…

I have recently (4+ months) started using pathlib and I have never turned back to os.path. Pathlib makes it super easy to work with files and interact with the file system. But in these 4+ months, I have realized that "not many people use it". I keep telling them its an amazing library, you must give it a try. Often, I tell them so much that they get confused 😅

This blog is another attempt to do the same. But instead of overwhelming the readers, I will try (my best) to be concise and to the point.

I will be…

Do you sometimes wonder, how do I get experience if I need experience to get my first job?

Yes, it is completely alright if you think this way, this problem does exist. Good thing is, there is a great solution to this problem and that is by Building Projects.

If you don’t have previous experience in the Data Science field, your portfolio of projects can get you a call for an interview, Projects play a crucial role in the interview phase as well.

Here are few simple things that can definitely help you to land your first job in Data…

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Any guesses, which one is better? ULMfit or Logistic Regression?

Made your choice? Hold on to it till the very end of the blog. Talking of the best algorithm, ever heard of the “No Free Lunch Theorem” ?

Sorry! won’t bore you any more with all these random questions. Lets dive in.


It is from a competition hosted by Analytics Vidya. It is a text classification problem. You have a review about a certain drug and your task is to predict the sentiment. Lets look at the data:

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Current practitioner of Machine Learning will know about the difficulties associated in handling a ML project. Sometimes, it might appear daunting to an absolute beginner in the field (as a ML project has a lot of moving parts, all entangled together to make a single thing work). In this article, I have broken down ‘the Complete process’ into small steps such that you can master them individually.

The complete article is inspired by Jeremy Howard’s course. A huge shout out to Jeremy and Rachel for their amazing course. I did the course, it was absolutely enlightening. Highly Recommended! …

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